Veterinarius wellness check-up

Wellness check-up

Why does my animal need a yearly wellness check-up?

Animals, as well as people are reaching a higher age. If you wish to provide your animal with a longer and more active life, prevention and proper nutrition are of utmost importance. That is the only way to avoid major health issues. It is difficult to avoid urgencies, but with a good prevention program we are able to reduce the lifespan of a threatening disease. The wellness check-up is the best way to prevent and detect diseases before they become serious.

What does the wellness check-up encompass?

Evaluation of the body and nutrition advice
Fur and skin examination
Eye and Conjunctiva examination
Teeth and gum examination
Auscultation of the heart, evaluating rhythm correctness and heart murmur
Taking of blood sample for a basic blood count
Necessary preventive vaccination
Parasitological test

The wellness check-ups are done in the field (large animals) or the in the clinic (small animals) during opening hours. For more information contact us on: 02 618 11 00