For a faster and better recuperation after an injury or operation of an injured animal we offer physiotherapy.

Ultrasound therapy is very successful in treating different pathologies of the muscle-nervous system due to its thermic and mechanical effect on tissue. Rich-mar 25 MULTI-Hz ultrasound is used to lessen pain, relax muscle cramps and increasing the flexibility of joints.

Laser therapy is non-invasive and painless. Animals bear the therapy well, sedation is not necessary. The owner is allowed to be present during the therapy. Shaving and clipping is not necessary.

The therapy has anti-inflammatory properties, is analgesic and prevents the emergence of edemas. It accelerates the healing process of damaged tissue and improves local circulation.

Indications for use:

Acute and chronic injury of tendons
Udamine, Hematoma
Degenerative changes on joints
Pathology of discs
Gingivitis – Stomatitis
Treatment of chirurgical wounds
Granulomas that are a result of licking
Muscle sprain/dislocation
Muscle-skeleton trauma
Anal fistula
Surface injuries on the skin (wounds, ulcers)
Increase of joint mobility

Magnet therapy uses low frequency and weak magnetic fields to affect the tissue in the following ways:

It increases the flow of blood through the affected areas
Improves the regenerative abilities of the tissue
Accelerates healing
Harden collagen fibers
Lessens irritation