Veterinarian on the field

24 hour a day veterinary emergency aid

Internal medicine of cattle, horse, pig and small cattle

Reproduction of small animals

We carry out artificial insemination and guarantee gestation with ultrasound, we diagnose and treat fertility problems.

Veterinary obstetrics

We offer guidance and assistance for parturition. After the parturition we make sure to detect and treat any complications.


We carry out treatment of wounds and injuries on terrain as well as castration, Caesarean section, operation and removal of foreign objects, operation of rennet dislocation and operations on hooves and other surgical procedures.

Ultrasound diagnostic

Assessment of gestation and diagnostic of fertility problems.

Taking of samples for laboratory testing

We take samples from animals that are then examined in our modern laboratory, with the help of hematology, clinical biochemistry and parasitological testing.

Consultancy for animal breeding with milk production

Finding the health profile of your herd and preparation of a prevention and treatment plan

Marking of animals and arranging of SIR documents

We take care of the marking of animals and arrange all the necessary documentation in SIR.

Laser, magnet and ultrasound therapy for horses

24 hour a day emergency veterinary help

Every day outside of opening hours, during holidays, we guarantee a readiness for 24 hours a day from the veterinarian on duty, who can be reached on the number: 041 670 005. In the time of duty we also work on the field and offer emergency veterinary help.